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There is no limit to owning pets in Lost Ark You can own as many as you would like. You will find a lot of pets available in the game, so you can select the one that best suits your character the best. Pets are a must-have in order to boost the fun in Lost Ark.

A very popular pets found in Lost Ark is a Vertus Pet. The pet was inspired by nothing else than the legendary Raid Boss Vertus that is part of the Tier One. Vertus takes on the form of a massive quadrupedal dragon that gives the players a tough experience in the game.

Lost Ark recently decided to introduce a more adorable and less sized version Vertus in the game as pets. These adorable baby dragons will follow you wherever you go and assist you in battle. The most appealing thing about Vertus animals is that they come in four different colors including purple, yellow as well as light blue and dark blue.

The blue light one is known as Vertoto The yellow one is called Vertori, the Dark blue Vertus pet is also known as Vertorand and the purple one is called Vertora.

How to Get Vertus Pet in Lost Ark

The majority of the pets included in Lost Ark are obtained from the quests that begin in the early game, or purchased from the shops that sell cash in Lost Ark. There are other ways to obtain them through the events or Founder packs. Vertus pet was released as part of a recent update that came out in April. In order to get access to the Vertus pet, the players must buy an upgrade version of Lost Ark and get the season pass. The deadline for April passes the 18th of July, so make sure you manage to obtain it by the deadline or you would not be able to obtain the Vertus Pet.

Once you have the pass, you need to complete all assignments and quests before the 14th of July. For unlocking the Vertus Pet Selection Chest, the players must be level 30 or more. After unlocking the chest, they are able to select from four Vertus Pets. While you're at it, you might want to check out our Best Lost Ark DPS Classes guide.

Every day of the pass contains a series of challenges to complete. When you have completed them, they will award you with one XP. As.
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